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Whitewater Chile –Siete Tazas

For those of you who know anything about paddling in Chile you have most definitely heard of the famous Siete Tazas in Parque Ingles. This waterfall playground is a must paddle if you are headed to Chile and our team had been talking about it since their arrival.

We arrived to the Tazas late in the day and pulled together as a team to set up camp and get some food cooked and a fire going to enjoy a few evening beverages under an amazing star filled sky. The Siete Tazas section of waterfalls is on the Rio Claro River and this area is hot and dry.

For this reason we motivated to get going early before the sun got to be too hot. To enter the Siete Tazas section you have to put in some solid work. It is a great opportunity to work on team building and working together. We needed to get 8 kayaks and paddlers down the cliff and into the canyon, which meant lining boats and helping each other to get to shoreline safely.

Once we accomplished our first task we grouped up for a scout of the first drop and started the mission of hucking ourselves down the short sections of waterfalls.

This was truly a great experience for everyone and the photos captured and freefall logged would prove to be one of the most memorable of the trip.

After a successful day on the Siete Tazas of the Rio Claro we packed up and headed south for our next destination Rio Nuble.

Stay tuned to follow the adventures of team Whitewater Chile as we continue to move south and paddle….

For more info on the River of Chile check out and find the guidebook ‘Whitewater Chile’.

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