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Season opening in Russia

Hello from Russia, where the snow just began to melt and the rivers are still frozen. To start the kayaking season, we are going south to Ukraine, where spring arrives a little earlier.

Freestyle kayaking still is a young sport in Russia. We only have a few places to go playboating, but a lot  for creeking. To have a playboat session, we have to travel a lot. The first Russian competition of the year is held in Ukraine, near the city of Kharkov, which is about 800 km from Moscow.

The playspot is called Hohlo Bochka. This hole is made of a riffle in the cooling water that flows out of a power plant. So the water is always warm and always flowing. Also, we have industrial views around our camp and cheap beer in the nearest town.

The competition that is held here (for the last three years), is called – Sebo Party and it is the official start of the season of the Russian and Ukrainian kayakers. This is also one of the stages to qualify for the Russian national team in freestyle.

This is a very interesting event, that gathers friends from all over our big country after a long winter. In winter all paddlers train in pools and sometimes visit Uganda, our second home.

In addition to freestyle competition the organizers introduced a new discipline - King of The Wave. The rules are pretty simple. Everyone gets two minutes to paddle onto the wave. After two minutes the entrance to the playspot is closed and the one who managed to surf the wave the longest, becomes the king of the wave!

After evening awards ceremony, a traditional party begins, until the next morning.

Video of this year’s competition has not been drafted, but you can look at what was in the previous year:

Sebo Party 2012


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