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Wavesport Kayaks for small people

Fuse rocks
Winter time in the French Alps isn’t a good paddling time at all. It’s usually very cold with low water levels and actually even when there is water you’re not really into being wet and freezing !

Natasha surfing a small wave

So usualy, no ones paddle appart from the slalom competitors that do some of the most boring paddling sessions ever during the winter. Luckily now that I’m living down south of France to Toulouse, I don’t have to do that anymore. Winter is much milder and it’s alright to paddle whitewater. Actually -5°C is much better then -15°C !

Anyway, as I live quite far away and have a lot to do between uni and kayaking. I don’t come back home often but I always manage to spend a bit of time home during the winter. Not to freeze in a kayak but because I love skiing. But this year I had a great surprise…

Doriane 7 years old overcoming her fears

I went to one the kayak club swimming pool session. I really enjoyed paddling with the younger kids, I always have good times being with them on the water and it’s a pleasure to watch them progress. This time I was so impressed about how much better these kids got in 5 months time. Usually I can tell they’ve progressed a lot but here i wouldn’t even recognize their paddling style. It was incredible.

All the kids from 10 to 14 could perfectly and easily roll. Some younger kids were getting close to it and everyone would be trying to work on their roll. It was really impressive though.

kids slalom

Then I started to think about their fast progression and I realize that of course their paddling skills got much better but this would not fully explain what had just happened. For the first time since they started paddling these kids had adapted boats. The outfitting and the size of the Fuse 35 are ideals for the small kids and the older or stronger are paddling my old project 45.

little kayakers

For the first time everyone has suitable material. Some may say that the gears do not make the paddlers, they’re entirely right. I’m really proud of my young fellows club mates and I do definitely not doubt their abilities. But we are talking about small persons here, were you paddling at 8? Do you remember how it was?

little kayakers

I remember… being way too small for my clothing so any dry top would be inefficient. I remember how cold and miserable I was when buckets freezing water came rushing down my neck, how uncomfortable it was to paddle with a life jacket that is constantly touching your nose. I remember the It’s frustration of not being able to turn or roll your boat not because of your skills but because it’s too big for you and you would roll inside the boat. I also remember how painful it is when you bash your thumbs on your boat every other stroke because it’s too big around the knees…

Tom and I on our first time paddling down a river

And because I remember I’m thankful to wavesport for shaping small boats for a long time now. I started playboating in a Wavesport “evo” which was my size and permits me to progress a lot. Today I’m pleased to see that my small club mates can also paddle a Wavesport boat that suits them.

Me trying my dad's kayak

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