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Waiting for the rain

I was always told that it rained all the time in Great Britain. I have just spent 3 months hoping for enough rain to be able to paddle the wave at Hurley. It had hardly rained at all for 4 months around London. Most people were pretty happy about it but for the paddlers out there, it was another story…

Around Christmas my only concern was to get a chance to paddle the Hurley wave before I had to head back to France. I was checking the weather forecast 3 times a day and I was texting the local paddler Craig Ayres every time it rained. When it finally rained we all got really exited about going paddling. We decided to wake up at 5am to get there very early but unfortunately everyone had the same idea and the eddy line was overcrowded.

Around lunch time it got better so we decided to stay a bit longer even if we were shattered from the 3hours we had already spent on the water.

After our 4h30 morning session, we all went at Craig’s place for rest. We were all very tired which made us leave the house quite late. By the time we got to the wave the daylight was already declining and after 30 minutes it got all dark. We couldn’t see very well but we would still paddle and it was great being just the 4 of us. After another long session we all got invited for a hot chocolate with some melted marshmallow.

Photos: Dave Wortley

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