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Urban Kayaking Part II – Flood-Peak Surfing Munich

Days of heavy rains and a sudden drop of temperature in the beginning of June were finally accompanied by raising waterlevels on the Isar river and brought back the spoiling summer-vibes of the past weeks.

The grey everyday life was supposed to change within hours, stoked views following the forecasts. After last years renaturation of the river bed the best floodwater playwaves indeed disappeared but some less known and few certainly unexplored spots were waiting for us.

We decided to catch the peak early enough to scout upstream and increase the chance of reward, hitting the road at 7am we sneaked a peek of the milky waterway, already blazing a trail through bank crops – distinguishable from concrete only by floating massive pieces of driftwood!

Finding a nice double-wave feature and being the first to surf it should be worth it even to struggle in soaking wet gear, sprayed by puddle-passing cars and a skirt-lifting draught – sunny surf-feelings should be a long time coming! The cold brew replaced the missed out morning-shower but eye-opening anyway to surf two decent waves whilst a few hours lasting level right in the middle of munich-city!

With the Project X You could handle the pulsating, stretched and foamy waves while managing some hard cut-backs on the wave’s disappearing green-part to set-up enough speed and throw nice air maneuvers. The edgy hull showed once again an agility and looseness not even the surfboards could reach here, the incoming river-surfers were quickly switching to their SUP’s. Releasing one rail in a fracture of seconds, catching the bounce or driftwood to launch from the other, facing just the cold breath of the shooting water below You while rotating Your Airscrew is an insane feeling and landing in the X.

Sitting in a boat which improves Your kayaking and the execution of moves just depends on your skills is a great advantage when facing challenging spots. Every outcome of a mission You’re going for is a session of style and fun, later You find yourself sitting in one of these cosy street-cafés, having breakfast with the dudes, watching short-skirted lady-legs catching sunbeams and smile over Your whole face – Morning glory writes your story, ride on!

Rubrik: Teamblog  Poster: Martin Kollaktualisiert: 23.07.12 - 15:23

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