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The sky is the limit

In Plattling Germany we met with the Norwegian freestyle team for a full week of training before freestyle worlds in June. Surprising that after 3 weeks of slaloming twice a day, I easily find new sore muscles in the weirdest places (like bum and legs!). Freestyle is a very different gig and in many ways, it felt awesome to sit in a tight floating plastic box again!

Plattling Germany - by Eirik Pedersen

Plattling wave was unfortunately flowing at a low level, so I decided to work on off-side tricks rather than hitting bottom on the regular loops and such. By the end of the week, I managed to stick a few good Helixes and Mec Nasty’s; not bad for a woman who just had a baby I thought :-) and when the Easter crowd arrived on Thursday, we left again to Kuchl wave in Austria to keep on surfing.

Kuchl wave Austria - by Eirik Pedersen

Now after 5 weeks and a body responding well, I finally feel that things are coming along for the upcoming paddling season. One main goal that I had during the whole trip, was to test out my physical limits and see if intense training could get me back to where I was before I got pregnant. Even though I kept in shape all along (and was even swimming 4 hours before the water broke!), my paddling shape needed a boost, and this Europe trip was just what I needed. Now I am finally ready to look at the calendar and make new goals for the summer. The sky is the limit!

Squirting in Kuchl - by Eirik Pedersen

And for my little son, well at 4 1/2 months old, he has already seen 7 countries and had his first rafting trip ;-) Rock on Noah!

Noah rafting - by Eirik Pedersen

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