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Jam packed action at the 2012 Teva Mountain Games in Vail! It is great to be back in Vail!! Together with some mates I arrived on Monday evening, which gave us two days for lapping the steep creek course and learn the fast lines, which was really hard due to low water levels this year. I was quite nervous at the start line of Homestake creek on Thursday. It’s so easy to make a mistake on this course and one mistake can screw you for the race. I had a sweet first run, but made a big mistake in my second run, almost pinned, went into the eddy and had to eddy out back to the current. Luckily I recovered and was fast enough to keep the top spot winning the gold medal! Stoked!!! And stoked that Louise Jull from New Zealand got second and claimed the fastest time of the race in the women’s. Teva athlete Anna Hubner got 3rd. Mike Dawson had some sick runs styling the men’s coming on top followed by Dane Jackson and Sam Sutton! Shot guys!

Friday we had the Long Distance Race, which was brutal! A 24-minute effort down a very low and dry Gore Creek at an attitude of around 10000ft! Epic! I had the fastest time of the girls being 10 seconds ahead of Louise Jull! Mike Dawson won his second win in the Games having the fastest time in the men’s by 7 seconds.

The Teva Mountain Games are still buzzing! I having a great time hear in sunny Vail! There is so much to do around here, full-on action all day long! Its pretty impressive watching the other sports, the Slope Style, Slackline, Dog Jumping and all the other action.

I also entered the mud run, did the freestyle and 8-ball both getting out of the game after the first ride. It has been an exhausting but amazing week!

Martina Wegman

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