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Best results

  • Winner of Lord of the Fork Race 2010 (Shortboat Class),
  • Winner of Bavarian Freestyle Chamionships 2009,
  • Winner of Munich Championships 2009,
  • Winner of Teva Whitewater Challenge 2004,
  • Winner of Graz City Rodeo 2004,
  • 2nd place Bremgarten Freestyle 2010,
  • 2nd place Plattling Eurocup 2009
  • 2nd place Eurocup Lienz 2008,
  • Bronze Medal European Championships Sort 2004,
  • 3rd place DM Plattling and Graz Freestyle 2010
  • 4th best Shortboat time Green Race 2010

Seppi’s Answers

What do you have love most about Kayaking?
In freestyle kayaking I love to play with the dynamics of the water. The sensation after a good session full of radical air moves on a fast green wave is undescribable. Your body feels physically tired, but your mind is stoked. In whitewater kayaking it’s the whole adventure with good people out in nature, scouting your way down the river, taking care of each other, living the outdoor life, having an exciting way to travel and seeing the world from a completely different perspective.

When’s the last time you got absolutely worked in your kayak?
In 2004 I got stuck in an almost invisible siphon on the Kühtrain section of the river Ötz, Austria. I had to leave my boat, dive through the siphon and swim the rapids behind where I broke my right ankle. Luckily this was my last swimmer until 2009.

If you could go paddling with anyone in the world, who would it be?
I’d go on a romantic Topo Duo trip with a slightly complicated but very beautiful female person from Kolbermoor, who prefers to stay incognito for now ;).

What’s your favorite kayak video section?
Ha, that’s definitely the end titles in “Mothership Connection” (movie of the second European Teva Tour), where Francesco Salvato and the Kern brothers are discussing the proper method to check whether their pasta has been cooked enough. Italian gourmet Francesco cries out shocked: “NO, don’t throw the pasta on the WALL!” Very funny.

What’s the sketchiest move you’ve done, or place you’ve been with your kayak?
There was one winter some years ago, where I was so eager for freestyle kayaking, that I went training on our local playspot in January and February even with air temperatures below 0° Celsius (32° F). While paddling up the eddy after each ride, the water on the life jacket froze and there were small icicles hanging down the helmet rim!

What’s your training regime? Do you have any training or competition tricks?
Generally I concentrate on my stamina during winter and focus on technique in spring when the season starts. Before competitions I like to go kayaking with good people for playing some training games. For example: first paddler enters the spot and does just one move. Second one enters the spot doing this first move and a second move of choice. Than it’s the first paddler’s go again doing exactly these tricks and a third one. And so on. This procedure forces you to do particular moves in a particular order and trains to follow a certain routine.

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