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Wavesport-Contract still subscribed while hibernating in Uganda, first test-rides on Nile Special left no doubt what potential slumbers in the X. I definately need one, when I’m back home! Meanwhile begging enviable dudes for paddling it – only for three rides!!! (could never keep that promise) Skills on a wave were improving daily, incredible how much fun it is just to experience a whole new level of edging the boat, stepping it up to throw controlled moves and state your own technique precisely because that defined hull is shaped to tease out more performance.

Back in Munich the Surfer’s Wave on inner-city’s famous Eisbach-River is exactly that kind of spot, where You and your boat have to move as one unit (even if You just wanna frontsurf) – no forgiveness, pure speed on a riverwide, waist-high green wave! Perfect to figure out the advantages by sitting in an X. The fast ramp demands contol, agility and explosive body-throws in every single maneuver. Added to the fact of coming along without any fast forward flow You also have to create your own set-up by building up a tiny foam-pile to throw a hard-edged blunt on a disappearing shoulder. It’s a playground, when the X allows for most precisely rail adjustments, just a nightmare for most other boats. The flat and wide bottom surfs stable and fast, deep rails in bow and stern for steering, carving and transferring every hip-pressure even without using a blade. Sharp and slicy ends to continue just the result of releasing the boat through or mostly from the surface.

The Spot is pretty much occupied by local Surfers who actually invented and created riversurfing in Munich. It’s crowded anyway and to avoid conflicts, kayaking is pretty much bannished to empty nighttimes or cold season. It’s awesome spot, good when You know one Surfdude here, even better when he’s a good friend and fights for your right, simply the best, when You can crash in his place whenever You want which can’t be any closer than a one minute walk! Henno ist hat kind of Dude You can definately count on, when Your brand new Project X shines seductively and unresistible in Bavaria’s early Summer sun and you both know it’s gonna happen somehow. Not to be mentioned that he also works in the closest bar in the English Garden, serving you a generator for floodlights at the wave and the refreshing brew for afterwards – that’s Urban Kayaking!

Even at daytimes You might find your niche in that jungle of concrete: The public green space is nerved by small water-channels leading through the whole Park and downstream the main wave a usually remote and small feature invites for a few surfs. It’s a slow and tiny wave, foamy and shallow but offers a green shoulder for a boat that’s able to use it. Even here the X sets-up enough speed and looseness to style some moves! Actually there’s no eddy-service, but after flushing You will catch yourself – always one more time! – carrying up again because the spot is not that limited anymore in your Project!

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