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Ottawa River Festival

The first weekend of Sept. played host to the Ottawa River Festival. With hundreds of kayakers gathered on the Ottawa for the warm water and perfect water levels it was the perfect weekend to host a Freestyle Competition.

All classes had a good number of participants as it was the last days for the OKS Keener Program as well as some of the Kayak Academy’s were present.

The local boys definitely showcased the talent required to throw down some of the biggest and best tricks on the Garb Wave while some of the foreign paddlers had the benefit of a ton of free time to train and learn the feature.

All in all, the event was as good as it gets for producing a freestyle frenzy and epic long weekend of shit talk, big rides, and sunshine.

Here are a few images of my rides in the event. Enjoy!

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Rubrik: Teamblog  Poster: Tyler Curtis

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