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More info about nouria

Notable Accomplishments:


  • Cadette french champion 2006-2007
  • Junior French champion 2008-2009
  • Vice team junior world champion 2008
  • Vice junior european champion 2009
  • Team european junior champion 2009
  • 3rd at theslovenian Open 2009


  • 2nd junior women at Bremgarten’s eurocup 2005
  • 2nd women at the Lyon river festival 2006
  • 1st junior women at Ottawa’s and Watertown’s world cups 2006
  • 3rd junior women at the 2007’s world championships
  • 3rd junior women at Lienz’s eurocup 2007
  • 1st women at the Rabiou River Rodeo 2007
  • 1st junior women at Thun’s world cup 2008
  • 1st Women at the Natural games in 2008
  • 1st women in Pau’s boater cross 2009
  • Junior french champion 2009
  • Junior women world champion in 2009

Nouria’s answers

What do you love most about kayaking?
Big whitewater and I don’t care if it’s in a freestyle boat, a creek boat or a slalom boat.

If you could go paddling with anyone in the world, who would it be?
There are many people I really enjoy to paddle with, I enjoy being on some class 2 with the small kids of my local kayak club, I enjoy going creeking with my dad and his mate and I love going with my own friends. The only thing that i care is about having b-nice times paddling with people I like !

What’s your favorite kayak video section?
It’s probably Oil+water because it’s not only about kayaking.

What’s the sketchiest move you’ve done, or place you’ve been with your kayak?
The waterfall I crashed and broke my nose on two years ago.

If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
Norway, Chili, New zeland I’ll take it all !

Obsessions outside of kayaking?
Spending time with some friends and skiing.

Who is your hero?
Nelson Mandela

What are you afraid of?
A lot’s of things…but mainly of the monsters in my closet

What goals do you have right now?
Paddling as often as I can and be happy on the water.

Next goals are being in the slalom senoir team, start creek races, go and surf big waves in freestyle and do some expeditions.

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