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Norwegian wrap-up

I stayed two weeks in Norway but I wish I could have stayed longer. Even if I paddled everyday I felt like I haven’t done much since Norway offers endless rivers.

On my first week in Voss I paddled a lot with Mariann. She showed my the lines on the Brandset, we run the river play starting off from her house and we ended runing both Money Drop and Double Drop on our rest day.

Unfortunately, Mariann injured herself on a downhill mountain bike part of the Horgi ned race (ski, mountain bike and kayak triathlon). She still managed to paddle without any shoulder’s ligament and ended up the race in 3rd position. Paddling with Mariann is always good fun and I would have loved to race her on the Brandset downhill, it would have been a tough and interesting competition.

The Voss Extreme Week was amazing. We first decided to set up a raft team: “the international kayakers scamp bag” with Louise Jull and Toni George (NZL), Emily Bakker (CAN) and I (FRA). To be honest I never thought rafting would be that hard. The race was made of a slalom event, a sprint and a head to head. The Norwegian girls were really fast and we struggled to beat them. The next races were the most interesting ones on the Brandset river I had pretty fast lines in the downhill winning the ladies class and beating a lot’s of boys.

Eric Deguil won the men’s class. Good results for the only two French paddlers! Then I managed race the team race with the GB girl Lowri and Paula, we had a bit of carnage but nothing bad and it was good fun. The last race was the head to head. It was supposed to be an easy race but the river was really high and it turned into a challenging race with some big volume white water.

The start was a dodgy ferry across the river and my strategy was to take the lead as soon as possible and keep charging on the rest of the course. It worked pretty well and I won both qualification and final hits.

Eric Deguil also won the head to head race getting from the 4th to the 1st position in the last 30 meters. After the head to head race the water levels were high enough for Milky Wave to be in so I had the opportunity to do a freestyle session.

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