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Michele wins Extreme Sport Week downhill

The Brandsethelva is a narrow river with crystal clear, blue water. The 500 meter long section where the competition took place holds many good spots for spectators to see fascinating and technical moves in the water.

Michele on Moneydrop

The river is characterised by being narrow and steep, which makes it a technically challenging river and very spectacular. The water flows has been high all week and all the athlets couldn’t paddle the race course untill the day before the race when the rain stopped for 24 hours. The day of the race it was gently raining and the Brandsethelva was full of people ready to see an interesting competition with a perfect water flow.

Both international and local paddlers competed with more than 50 athlets at the start. The women category has been dominated by Mariann Seather with an overall time good enougth to place her in the top 15 mens. In the men category Michele Ramazza team WaveSport stopped the chrono of the first run 2 seconds ahead of everybody else. Michele styled the second run too and, despite the very good run of Dag Sandvik, a local paddler, he kept the first overall time with 2 seconds of distance.

Results Men

Nationality 1st run 2nd run Overall time Difference
Ramazza Michele Italy 1:37.95 1:35.65 3:13.60
Sandvik Dag Norway 1:40.94 1:34.75 3:15.69 +2.09
Sutton Sam New Zealand 1:39.64 1:37.50 3:17.14 +3.54
Fischer Ron Switzerland 1:40.10 1:38.19 3:18.29 +4.69
Brunetti Filippo Italy 1:40.28 1:39.96 3:20.24 +6.64

Results Women

Nationality 1st run 2nd run Overall time Difference
Seather Mariann Norway 1:45.53 1:48.82 3:34.35
Skorve Silje Norway 1:57.34 1:54.54 3:51.88 +17.53
George Toni New Zealand 1:55.63 2:02.78 3:58.41 +24.06
Basso Michelle Canada 2:06.95 2:11.28 4:18.23 +43.88
Bystol Gry Norway 2:12.44 2:09.68 4:22.12 +47.77

All paddlers arrived in Voss for the Veko have done a lot of kayaking before and after the race. Milky Wave, the famous wave in Voss, reached the best flow for an evening. Groups of paddlers runned the Teigdalselvi, Raundalselvi (with lot of water), Money Drop, Myrkdalselvi, Urdlandselvi and all the classic runs around. The atmosphere in Voss was great and all the paddlers were used to meet at the festival tent each night for some party together.

Here you can see some GoPro footage from the youtube channel:

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