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La Scie & La Malate

Just before Christmas I had the chance to surf my favorite waves in Europe again! I have been going back there over the last 8 years as many times as possible. It appears that especially this winter the levels keep on staying high. At the moment you could have surfed La Malate for already 7 days in a row, which is very rare!

Usually the area of the Doubs looks like a ‘code red’ area when these waves are in. Fields are under water, parking lots have disappeared and big fat trees flow down the river. The river is sky high! But when it stops raining it easily drops about 200 cumecs a day. That’s why it’s always hard to plan a trip to these waves. La Malate runs in the window of 300 – 500 cumecs, while La Scie needs a minimum of approximately 650 cumecs.

This time we were lucky and we were able to surf both waves for about 3 days on nearly perfect level. La Scie is a great warm up to get all the tricks back in the blades, after a lazy fall. La Malate is just an indescribable steep, fat wall that allows you to throw tricks bigger than you even thought you could. Easily my top 3 favorite wave in the world. Enjoy the photos.

Photos by Sven Joos

Rubrik: Teamblog  Poster: Casper van-Kalmthoutaktualisiert: 28.12.12 - 12:21

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