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Jakub  Nemec Video Special

After travelling to the West coast of the US by beginning of March to experience the best freeride skiing in the world in Utah, me and my wife Meg Smith hit the road and travelled in California for over a month. Its been great time except there was too much snow this year and we couldnt get the best early season stuff. The best one we did was definitely South Branch of the Middle Feather.

Here is a few words about it. I only knew about South Branch from pictures and videos. It looked great so once I got a chance to meet with Darin McQuoid and his crew I didnt think for a second and went up there. Creek starts like manky and gnarly class 4-5 read and run. Afterwards it turns into beautiful 20 footers, 10 footers combos and some ridicilously cool rapid. By the end of the run you get hard 40 footer called 99 Problems and then probably the most prefect 50 Footer in the world. All of it you can see in the clip with sweet music and good editing of tripod footage.

After May in California we went to Colorado. Lived in high elavation over 2500 meters,raced in huge event Teva games and ended up getting safety kayaking job on class 4-5 raft trips. Its been great summer and we hit most of the classic class 5plus runs in Colorado, which is a hard manky and gnarly kayaking. I love it. My favourite run in Colorado is a Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Awesome whitewater and one of the most beautiful canyon in the world. Its deep and literally black at night. I also did a second and fifth descent of two rapids in there. I had a great lines and had tons of fun. After two days in the canyon we hiked back out and probably my best headcam video came out of that…

Just over a 4000 meters pass from the place I lived flows beatiful river Crystal. For the run in the gorge you need a low flow so once it dropped enough we put crew together and went in there. The run is not too long just just a couple of miles of class IV-V and you finish with cool class V gorge. Deep in there, with a good friends, the right boat and a headcamera. It was cool, so have a look at it.

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