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Getting back in a hole

I spend tons of time on the water but I must admit that I don’t often paddle in holes. To be honest I’ve always liked waves way better then holes so I mostly paddle freestyle on river runs or waves and I’m not a great hole boater. After I came back from Canada surfing some incredible waves, I trade my freestyle boat for my slalom one and spend 4 weeks racing slalom. Despite having a few freestyle moves in my slalom races, it went pretty good since I did two finals on world cup races.

After the last international slalom race I took two weeks off the water and when I went back to Pau I didn’t feel like getting back to my training routine so I decided to paddle C1 and freestyle. I was really good surprised on my first freestyle session when I realized that Pau kayak club made a few changes in the whitewater course to make the hole nicer. And (even if I don’t like hoes as much as waves) i had a lot’s of fun paddling that new spot. At the end of the week, a freestyle competition was organized and I was pretty happy with my results placing 2nd with 430pts behind the current European Champion, Marlène Devillez 460pts.

Right after the competition I went on a official slalom training camp in Prague. Of course I worked on a few slalom moves but I also found out I could do big power flip entry moves. Unfortunately the slalom coaches wouldn’t takes videos of me playing in holes. Next time I will takes gates before I do my freestyle moves to make sure I get video feedbacks on that too !

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