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After two weeks creeking in Norway, I headed to the U23 canoe slalom world championships in the US. Wausau slalom course is pretty small and after Norway it was a bit depressing to paddle there. Even though I had a hard time at training I manage to race well and I placed 3rd in both individual and team races.

Straight after the slalom races I went to Canada with some Americans and Canadian slalom paddlers. I was very disorganized and stayed for two nights in Ottawa at Tylers’ family, they were all getting ready to go to London and support Michael who is the Canadian K1M. We paddled one day at the pumphouse, Ottawa slalom course, and then we all went to the Ottawa river.

Then I left them and stayed with Tyler. I was supposed to do two slalom races in Canada but I decided not to go because I was having a good time playboating even if the water levels on the Ottawa are pretty low now .

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