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Over the past decade the Ottawa River Locals have religiously bunkered down on the shore of the Ottawa River to make certain they catch every opportunity to surf the world famous BUS EATER wave.

Sunrise water level checks and 20min patrolling re-evaluations bring forth intensive skype conversations to gather the crew and plan for the exact moment the level peaks. Thoughts of a potential Bus Surf absorbs all thought and our true addiction takes control of our daily life and all other plans are placed on hold.

This years spring Stakeout was no different to those of the past yet an unusual early spring brought about our Wave Stalking in March.

Being the earliest melt we have had in many years only the true locals and connected big wave surfers had any chance of getting in on the goods.

It was March 17th when I woke to check the water level in the front yard and realized this would be the day….grab your gear and see ya there was the only statement that had to be made.

For the next exhausting 10 days we would spend every moment possible catching rides on the legendary Bus until once again it would be gone for the season…

For all you who captured the epic surf days…nice work. For those who didn’t…maybe next time!

Rubrik: Teamblog  Poster: Tyler Curtisaktualisiert: 14.06.12 - 18:33

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