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Kayaking has been a huge part of my life ever since I venture to remember, I grew up in the Thames valley surfing the waves on the weirs and doing the odd canoe trip here and there in England, when I hit 18 the travel bug hit me and I haven’t stopped since, with countries under my belt such as Norway, all of Europe, Uganda , America , Kenya , Congo , Tanzania , Rwanda, Canada, Morocco, Algeria the list continues. Always with a boat seeking out waves to surf. Well I guess as far as best results go last year (2009) I selected for world championships in first place with a 170 point gap between me and second place.

2010 calendar:

Jan early: morocco surf trip
Jan mid: Western Sahara surf trip
Feb: training UK
March: national student rodeo / waiting for la malate to run
April: ski trip (for the sole) / waiting for la malate to run
Mai: flip flap party (France) / strait down striite (Switzerland)
June: Plattling world cup / Uganda
July: Uganda
August: Uganda / Canada
September: Sumatra (if funds will stretch)
October: training UK
November: Training UK
December: Hurley classic

Doug’s answers:

What do you most love about kayaking?
Surfing waves in the sun and then hanging out with a cold beer with friends after.

When’s the last time you got absolutely worked?
I got in way to deep on an ocean wave and got taken on a trip round the world aka sucked up and over a few times, I was sick everywhere after and didn’t paddle for the rest of the day.

What’s you favourite kayak video section?
I’m a sucker for old skool so it would have to be the whole movie Operation Zulu

Whets the sketchiest move you’ve done or been with your kayak?
I got stuck in a cave in the sea with concussion, a broken paddle and the waves smashing in to me it took a good fifteen mins to get out, I didn’t swim but it really scared the hell out of me.

If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be?
La malate France imp still waiting for the thing to work when I’m about.

Obsessions outside of kayaking?
Surfing, snowboarding, skate boarding, mountain biking, anything fast.

Who is your hero?
Debby Piniger and Coran Addison

What are you afraid of?
Drowning / ironic but so true

What goals do you have right now?
Win British champs

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