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Creeking paradise in Italy

I am not affraid to say that Ayasse is my new favorite river in Europe. After friends advices to go paddle out there we were stoked on what we found. Smooth granite slides and drops deep in gorges where it feels great to be. We ended up staying there for three days straight just filming and lapping all the sections. It was pretty cool and I cant wait to go back there! Check out some of the pictures Meg Smith got out there. Thanks!

Courtes of Megan Smith – Thanks!

puttin in for another lap

sweet fun slides

jakub stokin it in his habitat 80

Below upper section there is more funn drops and rapids. Unfortunately we had no time for that because of filming and lapping upper section. At the bottom of the river, before confluence with Dora Baltea there is really cool class V gorge we fired up on the next day and it was sick. Check these pics out to find out.

nice airial boof

Below all these fun slides there comes a must run. Its this awesome waterfall below. Its got tight lead in and good freefall. After that you gotta wait for your buddies in crazy cave/eddy/rapid ;) and you can keep on going…

Running the shit deep in this beautiful gorge

This is a last drop of the bottom section

back in camp afterwards

Now I am finally back in good old Colorado after three months of travelling straight. Snowpack is really really good this year and you can be sure I am gonna run the shit out here and post some pictures on Sweet site again.

Have a great summer!!!!

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