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Corse 2011

Now I am about to board on the ferry back to European mainland after two weeks of great whitewater here in Corsica. After warm up kayaking in Czech me and Meg got a ride to Italy where we met up with another Czech kayaker Jakub Sedivy to go down to Corsica. Almost two weeks we have been kayaking the goods of this island. To name a few for your list. Rivers like Fium Orbo, Rizzanesse, Travo, Taravo or Codi are some of the best in the world.

Driving in Corsica

There is soooo many pictures we took. Here is just a few to see how its like here in Corsica. Too bad I cant explain our fun times talking french! ;)

Cruising down with Jakub Sedivy

Firing it up on the Fium Orbo

Early morning hike with the Habitat 80

Taravo just three days ago. It was fun!

Right now I am off to Livorno in Italy to go find some more water towards the Alps. Hopefully this years low snowpack will have something for us to run. ;)

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