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Casper and the White Nile

With a request for a clinic via Riverproof and the White Water Grand Prix in view, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to keep the annual tradition alive and visit the White Nile again in Uganda.

Casper Kalagala

After coming here since 2007 it gives a bit of feeling of coming home. Although civilization is clearly on its rise in the country (huge developments on all infrastructures are well noticeable), the regular activities around the kayak community have remained fairly the same over the past years.

Casper Nile Special

It’s a pity to realize that these words won’t last forever, because of the amazingly fast progression on the dam works. Next month Silverback will close and soon after the whole Silverback section will be flattened out.

Casper and Sven running the Dead Dutchman

It’s also hard to realize that for this reason my passion for this river, that was based on the perfect combination this river offers; easy access, good conditions (warm water / weather), good people, great white water in divers levels and amazing play waves.

Casper Muts Nuts

Even though the dam will soon boost the water to some old school levels, which will certainly bring back some amazing kayak to this river (Mulalu, paddle-in Nile Special, High water Itanda and all the other biggies), I still believe that the most amazing part will be lost soon; Silverback section…

Casper Muts Nuts Clean Pan Am

Casper Muts Nuts Donky

Casper Muts Nuts Donky landing

Anyways, there was a good reason to enjoy it once again…

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