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Casper on spring tour

The past months have been flowing by amazingly fast! You have probably seen many updates coming by on Facebook or Twitter (@CvanKalmthout). But I thought it wouldn’t be a bad thing to sum it all up and give you a nice overview, before I’m heading out to Plattling for the World Championships of Freestyle.

White Water Grand Prix

Under great supervision of Patrick Camblin and Julie Creapeau-Boisvert the first ever White Water Grand Prix was organized in Quebec May 1st – May 15th. With the goal of broadcasting kayaking at its best, this event has been an amazing success. A perfect mix of 25 world’s best kayakers on worlds best white water, followed by a professional media crew formed a huge media canon. It is impossible that you have not seen any footage of the Grand Prix coming by, but if you missed it, here’s a little sum up:

Photo: Miles Clark

On the website you’ll find all reports, videos and photos provided by the organization.

Bombflow magazine was there and edited a little more informal style of video every day that you can find at

At last, the Dutch paper Spits reported a full page about the Grand Prix, that you can download at

After all, big ups to the organization and I can’t wait for the next one to happen (whether I will be paddling, supporting or spectating it on the web)

Teva Mountain Games

After 2 weeks home to focus on university it was time to hop on another plane to the USA to participate at the 10th Teva Mountain Games. For myself this was a jubilee too as it was my 5th appearance at the games. The Games have grown as more and more sports start to get involved. I had great times watching the slope style mountain biking as well as a surprising performance of Xavier Rudd. Rush Sturges and Matt Baker did some amazing daily updates of the games, watch those at:

Photo: Pringle

day 1

day 2

day 3

Teva Mountain Games Update 3 FREESTYLE COMP from Rush Sturges on Vimeo.

day 4

Also the Spits paper did another (2 pages!) report of the games, which you can download at;

Dutch Rafting Championships

Then it was time to leave the 2 blades for a little while and start using the C1 blades for the Dutch Rafting Championships. Coming straight from the plane, I hopped in the car and left to Chateauroux les Alpes. This event is also sponsored by Teva and they always make it a great happening. We joined the champs as team ‘Oh Oh Sjatteroh’, derived from the Dutch television Serie ‘Oh Oh Cherso’ (comparable to ‘New Jersey Shore’). Although we didn’t really battle for the podium we still captured a deserving 8th place but our priority was at having a good time, which we did succeed.

So after 1,5 month on the road, it’s time to leave for the World Championships in Plattling as a finishing touch. Keep on watching Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned!


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