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Busy Spring

This last month has been quite interesting having the slalom team trials and my end of year exams almost at the same time. It was great to train and race in Pau for two weeks has we were super lucky with the weather and the water levels. On top of that, I got the chance to paddle ocean waves which I really enjoyed even though it was short break.

The sunny weather probably didn’t help with my exams and of course I was getting behind with my studying schedule.

Slalom team trials were more stressful then ever. The two best races out of three counted, and I blew the first one. Luckily I was good enough on the two other races to make senior team, placing 1st and then 5th.

Nouria racing in Pau and making the team

Exams were almost harder then the team selections. I would sleep less then 5 hours per night and I even stayed up all night for my last exam, drinking coffee and coca cola! Fortunately, I would watch the Grand prix daily updates to relax a little bit (check out these really cool videos). I really whished I was there…

Now everything has calmed down, now it’s time to wait for my exams results but anyways, I’m already super stomped because I’m qualifed for both freestyle and slalom world championships. I just have to find a few days to go creeking now!

See you all in Plattling…


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