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More Info about Alan

Best results:

By far my best achievement was when I was 2005-7 Junior Freestyle Kayak World Champion.

Calender 2010:

I will be producing short instructional/update videos through out the year that can be picked up on the Wave Sport Europe website or on my blog

I will also be competing at the two World Cup competitions, the European Championships and as many local competitions as possible. You will also see me helping to organise one or two local competitions at places like Bolters Weir in Maidenhead, England. 2010 will see me also getting involved in a very successful junior development programme called the KJO Junior Burners in association with Kayako Jacko

Alan’s answers:

What do you love most about kayaking?
What isn’t there to love? Everything from soul surfing on a big wave on the coast of Morocco, to hanging out with friends on the competition circuit or just hitting up a local spot and playing around with some new moves.

When’s the last time you got absolutely worked?
A few months ago on a flood run in North Wales, I was the first to try to punch through a hole on a grade 5 section with a wall coming across most of the river, needless to say I sat in it for a while until I shouted for a rope (all my buddies were watching intently!)

What’s your favorite kayak video section?
I’m a big fan of any of the new style of video that has good music and big new runs/moves

If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
Anywhere hot, with good water

What’s your take on the progression of kayaking?
Kayaking has moved huge amounts away from home made kit and it will remain as innovative as it has always been, the further we can push it the better. There are many aspects to kayaking and the most important will always be just having fun with your friends.

Obsessions outside of kayaking?
I love any outdoor sport or a good gym session, but I do have a weak spot for a good party!

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