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Nouria Newman

Nouria Newman

Nouria Newman

Date of Birth: 09/09/1991

Hometown (Country): La Plagne/ FRANCE

Local Playspot: Aime rapid’s, Bourg St Maurice’s slalom course

Favorite River: Zambezi

Boat(s) of Choice: Project 45, Diesel 60, Diesel 65, Diesel 70

Favorite Move: donkey flip

Music: Ella Fitzgerald

Favorite Foods: Sushi

Favorite Quote: « I’m the master of my fate, I’m the captain of my soul.»

Sponsors: Wavesport, La Plagne, Langer, Caiman, sweet protection, H20 paddles, My mum and dad


Best results

Slalom: Junior French champion 2008-2009, Vice team junior world champion 2008, Vice junior european champion 2009, Team european junior champion 2009 - Freestyle: 1st women at the Rabiou River Rodeo 2007, 1st junior women at Thun’s world cup 2008, 1st Women at the Natural games in 2008, 1st women in Pau’s boater cross 2009, Junior french champion 2009, Junior women world champion in 2009 …mehr »

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Nouria in the French Southern Alps

29.07.13 - 21:01

JPG 2.55 KB Whether it's for slalom, downriver, freestyle or creeking, every single French paddler knows the rivers of the Southern Alps. When I was a kid I paddled quite a lot in the area and this place will always be close to my heart. …mehr »

Tags: argentiere · byasse · creeking · diesel · durance · french alpes · nouria newman · paddling · rapid · Recon · river · slalom world championships · ubaye · wavesport · white water kayak

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Ottawa XL

05.06.13 - 10:16

JPG 9.89 KB Nouria had the perfect timing this year to visit Canada in spring during STAKEOUT! Our team Wavesport lady surfed the biggest waves of the Ottawa like Ruins, Gladiator and Buseater. …mehr »

Tags: Buseater · girls freestyle · Gladiator · nouria newman · Ottawa XL · ruins · stakeout · Wave Sport

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Whitewater Grand Prix perspective

27.12.12 - 15:58

JPG 9.14 KB Our young fresh lady Grand Prix winner and Team Wavesport paddler Nouria Newman reports on her experiences during the White Water Grand Prix! …mehr »

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Getting back in a hole

23.10.12 - 09:01

JPG 2.52 KB Even though Nouria has been surfing the waves all summer she still shows that there's also an hidden hole boater inside her :) Check it out! …mehr »

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VIDEO:Nouria Newman surfing the Canadian waves

22.09.12 - 10:46

JPG 17.05 KB Check out this great video of our female team member Nouria Newman throwing it down on the waves in Canada!! …mehr »

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Good run on Garb

07.08.12 - 07:38

JPG 2.12 KB Wavesport team rider Nouria Newman throws a sick run on Garb on the Ottawa river. Another great update from her trip to Canada …mehr »

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First days on the Ottawa

26.07.12 - 15:06

JPG 2.40 KB Wavesport Team Europe member Nouria about here days on the Ottawa river …mehr »

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Norwegian wrap-up

05.07.12 - 15:12

JPG 43.72 KB I stayed two weeks in Norway but I wish I could have stayed longer. Even if I paddled everyday I felt like I haven’t done much since Norway offers endless rivers. …mehr »

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Back in the Alps

23.05.12 - 15:01

JPG 3.18 KB After a spring full of slalom kayaking, Nouria Newman just returned to the Alps and exchanged her slalom kayak for her shiny yellow project X! …mehr »

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Project 64 Tour in France...

29.03.12 - 09:55

JPG 13.75 KB I was the only girl jumping and when I first got there all the riders were staring at me! …mehr »

Tags: nouria newman · project 64x

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Waiting for the rain

24.01.12 - 10:46

JPG 25.63 KB I was always told that it rained all the time in Great Britain. I have just spent 3 months hoping for enough rain to be able to paddle the wave at Hurley. It had hardly rained at all for 4 months around London. …mehr »

Tags: england · Freestyle · hurley · london · nouria newman · project x · uk · wave

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Autumn in the UK - Nouria surfing the Bitches

14.10.11 - 09:29

JPG 30.20 KB The bitches are a series of rocks in the tidal race at Ramsey sound in west Wales, well feared by mariners for shipwrecks. On the spring tides and at the Autumn Equinox the current can rip through the rocks at up to 18 knots, and there can be a meter drop from one side to the other. …mehr »

Tags: Bitches · dawn patrol · Deb Pinniger · england · Freestyle · nouria newman · project · tidal wave · uk · Wales

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Nouria catching Hawaii sur Rhone

15.08.11 - 13:06

JPG 19.02 KB What a weird summer! After the winter and spring drought, the two first weeks of July were terrible. We had a lot’s of rain and it was even snowing in the Alps. Most people were feeling a bit depressed and were complaining about the weather but kayakers couldn’t be happier …mehr »

Tags: big wave · Freestyle · hawaii sur rhone · lyon · nouria newman · project x 48

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Busy spring

05.06.11 - 22:16

JPG 20.16 KB This last month has been quite interesting having the slalom team trials and my end of year exams almost at the same time. It was great to train and race in Pau for two weeks has we were super lucky with the weather and the water levels. On top of that, I got the chance to paddle ocean …mehr »

Tags: france · Freestyle · nouria newman · ocean · pau · project · slalom · surfing · team trials · Wave Sport · waves

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Pau freestyle Show

06.04.11 - 23:42

JPG 30.87 KB Pau is definitely one of my favourite french towns. You can walk by the palm trees and watch the Pyrenées’ big mountains at the same time. If you like outdoor sports, Pau is the place to be. …mehr »

Tags: boater cross · event · france · Freestyle · nouria newman · pau · slalom

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Wavesport Kayaks for small people

21.02.11 - 17:47

JPG 5.66 KB I remember the frustration of not being able to turn or roll your boat because it’s too big for you. And because I remember I’m thankful to wavesport for shaping small boats for a long time now. …mehr »

Tags: Fuse 35 · project x · team wave sport · Wave Sport · Wildwasser

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Nouria and Mariann in Norway

28.08.10 - 01:18

JPG 20.46 KB After spending most of my summer in my slalom boat or playboating on my home river, it felt good to be in a creekboat again. It was my first time in Norway and I’ve definitly got to say that it won’t be my last time. …mehr »

Tags: creeking · mariann seather · norway · nouria newman · rauma · sjoa · utla

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