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Michele Ramazza

Michele Ramazza

Date of Birth: 26/10/1984

Home: Bologna, Italy

Local Playspot: Appenins creeks

Favorite River: Teigdallen, Norway

Boat(s) of Choice: Habitat 80, Project 56

Favorite Move: Going fast on steep creeks

TurnOns: High flow on rivers with the sun

TurnOffs: a booring day at work

Sponsors: WaveSport, Adidas, Werner, Sweet

Website / Blog:

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Best results in 2009: Italian Cup (Tegliamento, ITA): 6th downriver Teva extreme outdoor games: 2nd downriver, 2nd sprint, 4th boaterX, 9th overall Extreme sport week: 1st downriver …mehr »

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The sweep stroke by Michele Ramazza

19.09.13 - 21:49

JPG 9.26 KB Take a lesson with European Wavesport athlete Michele Ramazza about the sweep stroke, one of the basic moves to learn kayaking. …mehr »

Tags: learn how to kayak · michele ramazza · Recon 83 · sweep stroke · tutorial · video · wavesport · whitewater

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Eporia Active Days

19.06.13 - 14:39

JPG 12.66 KB Congratulations to Michele Ramazza to end up 3rd at the sprint on the beautiful Ayasse during the Eporedia Active Days in his Recon 83! …mehr »

Tags: Ayasse kayak · boater cross · Eporia Active Days · Extreme Race · kayak italy · King of the falls · michele ramazza · Recon 83 · teva extreme outdoor games · Wave Sport

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Outdoor Mix Festival 2013

25.05.13 - 13:55

JPG 26.33 KB The new event in Europe was interesting and it offered good races and very nice alpin style kayaking. All the rivers were quite high and the valley was very nice under the spring sun. …mehr »

Tags: durance · Extreme Race · michele ramazza · outdoor mix · Recon · Wave Sport · whitewater

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Recon vs. Habitat

25.02.13 - 13:30

JPG 4.80 KB As soon as I got the new Recon 83 the first impression has been of ease of use comparing to the Habitat. But how much these improvement on stability, maneuverability and boof friendly nose would compromise linear speed and rotation? …mehr »

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Michele Ramazza at the White Water Grand Prix 2012

09.01.13 - 10:23

JPG 2.34 KB Michele reports about his experiences at the White Water Grand Prix 2012 in this amazing video. …mehr »

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Michele Ramazza on the podium in Czech Republic!!

06.09.12 - 09:36

JPG 3.86 KB Once a year the Lipno dam releases water on the river Vltava, called also the Devil's stream. As soon as the water flows into this river, kayakers can enjoy a very fun run with lots of nice rapids.  …mehr »

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Recon story

24.08.12 - 16:04

JPG 7.05 KB After a lot of thinking, 1 year of testing and 3 prototypes, the boat is finally ready. This article will explain all its features and how the boat has been designed. …mehr »

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How the boaterX works

19.07.12 - 10:19

JPG 18.80 KB BoaterX has become very popular during the last 4-5 years. Everybody organizes this kind of race but not many people have a clear idea about rules and ranking system... …mehr »

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King of the Alps, a new race format

17.06.12 - 19:34

JPG 9.76 KB For the first time I can ever remember the King of the Alps race, at its first edition, has experimented a new race format based on two races: a mass start marathon and a boaterX. …mehr »

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Eporedia Active Days

13.06.12 - 19:16

JPG 6.90 KB This year the "Teva Extreme Outdoor Games" changed the name into "Eporedia Active Days". Team Wavesport paddler Michele Ramazza showed great talent and became the King of Falls! …mehr »

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Two Events in a weekend, a commercial battle?

04.06.12 - 10:58

JPG 8.85 KB After a nice week of good weather and medium water all the paddlers arrived here in Val Sesia enjoying the two events running at the same time during the week-end. …mehr »

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Der richtige Paddelschlag

29.03.12 - 14:52

JPG 6.19 KB A good kayaker is able to turn the kayak mainly using the body rotation to direct the boat. …mehr »

Tags: Kajaktechnik · michele ramazza

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Life as kayak instructor

15.08.11 - 13:28

JPG 24.28 KB Kayaking down a river, running big drops, training and doing competitions is what I normally do with my kayak. Those activities are real fun and make life more interesting. However two years ago, I have started, in collaboration with my local kayak club …mehr »

Tags: coaching · durance · habitat · instructional · kayak school · kayaking · learn · michele ramazza · teaching

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Michele wins Extreme Sport Week downhill

18.07.11 - 22:31

JPG 19.99 KB The Brandsethelva is a narrow river with crystal clear, blue water. The 500 meter long section where the competition took place holds many good spots for spectators to see fascinating and technical moves in the water. …mehr »

Tags: brandsethelva · downhill · extrem sport week · Extreme Race · habitat · michele ramazza · money drop · voss

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Technique - The rudder

04.09.10 - 02:02

JPG 22.77 KB This is the first technique article which aims at showing you what I do to have the best results in class V whitewater or extreme races. What I'm presenting now is one of the first strokes to control turns with creekers and freestyle boats. …mehr »

Tags: how to · michele ramazza · rudder · technique

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Sesia Total Run

25.05.10 - 11:49

JPG 8.02 KB The S.T.R. represents a challenge never attempted by any kayaker before and suggests a new way of thinking about this activity, where the speed of descent becomes a synonym for knowledge and skill.  …mehr »

Tags: enrico lazzarotto · francesco salvato · michele ramazza · sesia total run · val sesia

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All Val Sesia Rivers in one Day

11.05.10 - 01:39

JPG 24.02 KB The S.T.R. is the first attempt to run all the classic rivers of Val Sesia one after the other in only one day. It represents a challenge never attempted before by any kayaker of the world and suggests a new way to think about this activity. …mehr »

Tags: enrico lazzarotto · francesco salvato · michele ramazza · val sesia

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First descent of the new year

04.01.10 - 21:50

JPG 4.50 KB In Italy, between Bologna and Florence, Michele Ramazza and Filippo Brunetti just ran the Perticara river, finding the perfect flow between two snowfalls. The temperature was about 6 degrees while the sun was shining on the red hills. …mehr »

Tags: michele ramazza · new year · perticara · winter paddling

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