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Doug Cooper

Doug Cooper

Doug Cooper

Date of birth: 11th September 1984

Home town (Country): Hurley, England

Local play spot: Hurley

Favourite River: Gatineau, Quebec

Boat(s) of choice: wave sport project 45, wave sport diesel 60, Habitat 70

Profession: mad nurse

Favourite movie: anchor man

Music: hip-hop / reggae

Favourite foods: pie, fish, Moroccan tajine

TurnOffs: ladies with hairy legs

Sponsors: wave sport, Nookie, streamlyte, Sweet, marsport canoes

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More Info about Doug

Kayaking has been a huge part of my life ever since I venture to remember, I grew up in the Thames valley surfing the waves on the weirs and doing the odd canoe trip here and there in England, when I hit 18 the travel bug hit me and I haven’t stopped since, with countries under my belt such as Norway, all of Europe, Uganda , America , Kenya , Congo , Tanzania , Rwanda, Canada, Morocco, Algeria the list continues. …mehr »

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