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Dean Gagnon

Dean Gagnon

Local playspot: Hurley

Favorite river: Seymour, Willow, Egua, Gronda, Vecchio, Perth, Etive, Ferry Glen, White Nile

Boat of Choice: Habitat 80

Favorite Move: Boof

TurnOns: Boofing

TurnOffs: Logs

Sponsors: Wavesport

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Recon of the Nedd Fechan and Afon Mellte

09.01.13 - 10:12

JPG 3.59 KB Getting a new boat is in my top 10 list of favourite things. I picked up my shiny new red Recon 83 Friday morning and hit the road Saturday for South Wales. …mehr »

Rubrik: Teamblog

Corsica 2012

29.08.12 - 08:22

JPG 3.26 KB The Clash were ringing in my ear, Should I stay or should I go? Reports of dog low rivers in Corsica were throwing all our well laid plans out the window. …mehr »

Rubrik: Aktuellesaktualisiert: 29.08.12 - 08:22

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