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Casper van-Kalmthout

Casper van Kalmthout

Date of Birth: 17/10/1985

Home: Den Haag, Netherlands

Local Playspot: North Beach, Scheveningen

Favorite River: Salween, China

Boat(s) of Choice: Diesel 80, Project X 56

Favorite Move: Cleans

TurnOns: Holidays

TurnOffs: Work

Sponsors: Wavesport, Teva, Riverproof, Double Dutch,, LevelSix, Pull-in underwear

Website / Blog:

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Spanish Pyrenees white water kayaking Casper van Kalmthout

05.08.13 - 10:51

JPG 10.92 KB Watch this amazing video by Casper van Kalmthout on some beautiful rivers in the Spanish Pyrenees this spring. …mehr »

Tags: ara · bujaruelo · casper van kalmthout · creeking · extreme · kayaking · noguera pallaresa · palomeras · pyrenees · Recon 83 · rio · river · sort · spain · wavesport · whitewater

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Agua Azul, Mexico - Beyond the drop

01.07.13 - 18:31

JPG 12.26 KB In April Casper left for Mexico for 10 days to paddle the Agua Azul. Here is the result, an amazing kayaking video 'Beyond the drop'. …mehr »

Tags: agua azul · beyond the drop · casper van kalmthout · chiapas · extreme kayaking · extreme sports · mexico · Recon 83 · teva · Wave Sport · white water

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VIDEO: Winter sessions at Larcay

11.03.13 - 06:14

JPG 2.25 KB In winter it's usually hard to find places to go kayaking. Luckily France has got a lot to offer for freestyle kayakers all year around. Check out this video by Wavesport athlete and team manager Casper van Kalmthout …mehr »

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Casper van Kalmthout on the Doubs River

09.01.13 - 10:31

JPG 2.02 KB Team rider and manager Casper van Kalmthout visited the Doubs just before Christmas to surf the big waves 'La Malate' and 'La Scie'. Watch the video here! …mehr »

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La Scie & La Malate

28.12.12 - 12:19

JPG 8.29 KB A great report and photos from Casper on his trip to some of the biggest waves in Europe! …mehr »

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Team Wavesport at WWGP!!

17.12.12 - 12:49

JPG 2.90 KB We are so proud of our team members who participated at this years White Water Grand Prix! …mehr »

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Lyon Big Air Contest

23.09.12 - 10:54

JPG 24.27 KB This weekend lyon kayak is taking place. The Big Air Contest is taking place in downtown Lyon. Check out these images. …mehr »

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Casper on spring tour

20.06.11 - 22:11

JPG 26.55 KB Under great supervision of Patrick Camblin and Julie Creapeau-Boisvert the first ever White Water Grand Prix was organized in Quebec May 1st - May 15th. With the goal of broadcasting kayaking at its best, this event has been an amazing success. A perfect mix of 25 world's best kayakers …mehr »

Tags: Canada · casper van kalmthout · championships · rafting · spring · teva game · vail · whitewater · whitewater grand prix

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Casper and the White Nile

14.02.11 - 18:06

JPG 7.47 KB After coming here since 2007 it gives a bit of feeling of coming home. It’s a pity to realize that these words won’t last forever, because of the amazingly fast progression on the dam works. …mehr »

Tags: casper van kalmthout · Freestyle · Wave Sport · white nile · winter paddling

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A busy month full of kayaking

15.07.10 - 11:33

JPG 27.85 KB This month absolutely saw its extreme highlights, as well as its big disappointments. After all it has been an adventure and I am not in the position to complain, as I’ve been out, on the road and focused on what I love to do; kayaking. …mehr »

Tags: casper van kalmthout · chiusella · europeans · hawaii sur rhone · ivrea · lienz · lyon · martina wegman · millau · natural games · teva extreme outdoor games · teva mountain games · vail

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De Witte Nijl, een van de schoonheden van Oeganda

01.12.09 - 00:37

JPG 24.58 KB Casper van Kalmthout used the once in a lifetime opportunity to get a free trip to the White Nile, Uganda, in order to compete at the popular Nile River Festival. After arriving in Africa, however, he finds out that the festival was cancelled at the last minute. …mehr »

Tags: brussels airlines · casper van kalmthout · club wave · hair of the dog · nile river festival · nile special · nre · oeganda · the hairy lemon · uganda · white nile · witte nijl

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Falls of Lora, Scotland

13.11.09 - 00:22

JPG 20.87 KB On the weekend of the 17th of October we left for a totally new experience on the other side of the North Sea. Full of enthusiasm we entered the island where they drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, use a weird measure for... …mehr »

Tags: casper van kalmthout · etive · falls of lora · fort william · scotland · tidal wave

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Casper's Canada wrap-up

24.08.09 - 07:52

JPG 26.35 KB For worlds training I spent 5 weeks in Canada last month. Canada no doubt will be the best place to spend your summer if you’re intending to train on wave moves. Ottawa river is usually chosen as a home base by most paddlers.  …mehr »

Tags: Canada · Casper van Kalmthouth · cx54 · Freestyle · high tension · kayak · wavesport

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