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Casper and the White Nile

14.02.2011 - 18:06 von Casper van-Kalmthout

JPG 7.47 KB After coming here since 2007 it gives a bit of feeling of coming home. It’s a pity to realize that these words won’t last forever, because of the amazingly fast progression on the dam works. …mehr »

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The season is on!

14.03.2010 - 15:14 von Valerie Bertrand

JPG 30.12 KB Just how desperate are you? Winter holidays kicked off last week and it was honestly about time!! After a long period at -30, I felt a hungry desire to hit warmer stretches. Well motivated and strongly convinced that the south coast of Stavanger …mehr »

Tags: norway · ocean surfing · stravanger · valerie bertrand · winter paddling

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A Marsh Winter

26.02.2010 - 03:30 von Alan Ward

JPG 19.37 KB Here's a short video of some highlights of one of many sessions at Marsh Weir this winter. Whilst my video camera is broken I have been borrowing other people's so special thanks to Craig Ayres for the footage. Enjoy! …mehr »

Tags: alan ward · marsh weir · project 54cx · winter paddling

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First descent of the new year

04.01.2010 - 21:50 von Michele Ramazza

JPG 4.50 KB In Italy, between Bologna and Florence, Michele Ramazza and Filippo Brunetti just ran the Perticara river, finding the perfect flow between two snowfalls. The temperature was about 6 degrees while the sun was shining on the red hills. …mehr »

Tags: michele ramazza · new year · perticara · winter paddling

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