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Waiting for the rain

24.01.2012 - 10:46 von Nouria Newman

JPG 25.63 KB I was always told that it rained all the time in Great Britain. I have just spent 3 months hoping for enough rain to be able to paddle the wave at Hurley. It had hardly rained at all for 4 months around London. …mehr »

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Autumn in the UK - Nouria surfing the Bitches

14.10.2011 - 09:29 von Nouria Newman

JPG 30.20 KB The bitches are a series of rocks in the tidal race at Ramsey sound in west Wales, well feared by mariners for shipwrecks. On the spring tides and at the Autumn Equinox the current can rip through the rocks at up to 18 knots, and there can be a meter drop from one side to the other. …mehr »

Tags: Bitches · dawn patrol · Deb Pinniger · england · Freestyle · nouria newman · project · tidal wave · uk · Wales

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