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Nouria and Mariann in Norway

28.08.2010 - 01:18 von Nouria Newman

JPG 20.46 KB After spending most of my summer in my slalom boat or playboating on my home river, it felt good to be in a creekboat again. It was my first time in Norway and I’ve definitly got to say that it won’t be my last time. …mehr »

Tags: creeking · mariann seather · norway · nouria newman · rauma · sjoa · utla

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The north continues...

22.07.2010 - 23:33 von Wave Sport

JPG 24.11 KB After completing a random pit stop and potential first descent of the Umnas River, our next stop was Lake Røssvatn and take-out for the Krutaa River. Our camp location turned out to be the most epic camp location I have seen in a long while. …mehr »

Tags: krutaa river · midsummer night · norway · tyler curtis

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Creeking in Nordland, Sweden

12.07.2010 - 10:46 von Wave Sport

JPG 25.99 KB After some epic few days and mid summer nights in Trollfors we started on the creeking adventures. We headed toward the Norway Sweden border in search of a few rarely paddled rivers and perhaps a first descent or two. During our drive we caught a glimpse of a nice looking drop …mehr »

Tags: creeking · nordland · norway · sweden · tyler curtis · umnas

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Mariann springpaddling in Norway

24.04.2010 - 21:24 von Wave Sport

JPG 24.92 KB With a cold and slow spring season Martin Vollen and Mariann Saether decided to start the season despite no water and still snowed in rivers. No huge rapids, but some good warm-ups for the Norwegians. …mehr »

Tags: bygdaelva · mariann saether · martin vollen · norway · spring

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The season is on!

14.03.2010 - 15:14 von Valerie Bertrand

JPG 30.12 KB Just how desperate are you? Winter holidays kicked off last week and it was honestly about time!! After a long period at -30, I felt a hungry desire to hit warmer stretches. Well motivated and strongly convinced that the south coast of Stavanger …mehr »

Tags: norway · ocean surfing · stravanger · valerie bertrand · winter paddling

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«Honest» Video Trailer

13.11.2009 - 13:50 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 3.31 KB Jakub Nemec, Czech Wave Sport team member, started to do a trip around the world with his kayak exactly one year ago. On his way, the most beautiful rivers in the world in countries like Nepal, New Zealand, the USA, Norway and all across the Alps.  …mehr »

Tags: czech · honest · jakub nemec · nepal · new zealand · norway · trailer · usa · whitewater · world tour

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