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One month in Uganda

14.03.2010 - 14:31 von Nina Halasova

JPG 21.41 KB Every year we spend some time in sunny Uganda .This year we spent one month on the White Nile. Me and Peter and our friend Tomo, we traveled there beginning of February. After one month in cold Europe it was the right time to leave again.  …mehr »

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De Witte Nijl, een van de schoonheden van Oeganda

01.12.2009 - 00:37 von Casper van-Kalmthout

JPG 24.58 KB Casper van Kalmthout used the once in a lifetime opportunity to get a free trip to the White Nile, Uganda, in order to compete at the popular Nile River Festival. After arriving in Africa, however, he finds out that the festival was cancelled at the last minute. …mehr »

Tags: brussels airlines · casper van kalmthout · club wave · hair of the dog · nile river festival · nile special · nre · oeganda · the hairy lemon · uganda · white nile · witte nijl

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