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Wellerbrücke POV Clip by Jakub

31.10.2011 - 00:00 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 24.51 KB Here is a headcam video from Wellerbrucke on Oetztaler Ache where I was boating in end of September. Finally got some time for editing and updates so here it is. …mehr »

Tags: habitat · isaak levinston · jakub nemec · Ötz · pov · video · wellerbrücke

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Von der Ötz zum Devils Extreme Race

31.08.2011 - 00:22 von Markus Hummel

JPG 32.40 KB Neben dem Training im Eiskanal war ich knapp eine Woche im Ötztal unterwegs. An ein Training auf der Wellerbrücke war da noch nicht zu denken. Temperaturen von bis zu 35° C im Schatten ließen die Ötz auf einen Pegel von bis zu 3 m ansteigen und bescherten uns Wuchtwasser …mehr »

Tags: czech republic · devils extreme race · Extreme Race · jakub nemec · lipno · markus hummel · moldau · Ötz · Ötztal · Rennen

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Devils Extreme Race 2011 about to start

25.08.2011 - 22:41 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 26.11 KB Devils Extreme Race 2011 about to start: Tomorrow the annual Devils Extreme Race finally starts again! Good times kayaking with your friends, European Championships of Extreme Racing, Czech beer, bands, DJs in the beautiful little town of Loucovice - what else could you ask for?  …mehr »

Tags: czech republic · devils extreme race · european championships · Extreme Race · jakub nemec · lipno · race

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Creeking paradise in Italy

29.05.2011 - 22:54 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 21.84 KB I am not affraid to say that Ayasse is my new favorite river in Europe. After friends advices to go paddle out there we were stoked on what we found. Smooth granite slides and drops deep in gorges where it feels great to be. We ended up staying there for three days straight just filming …mehr »

Tags: ayasse · creeking · habitat 80 · italy · jakub nemec · kayaking · whitewater

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The New Generation teaser

18.05.2011 - 21:57 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 17.77 KB Here is something special you have to see. A movie teaser made by Petr Kaspar from Czech Republic. We have been shooting in Italian Alps a few weeks ago and this is how it looked. The whole story and idea of this film sounds very interesting. …mehr »

Tags: czech republic · habitat 80 · italy · jakub nemec · movie · new generation · petr kaspar · teaser · video · whitewater

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Filming session in Italy

08.05.2011 - 23:26 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 26.28 KB For the last week of April, me, Meg Smith and our friend Jakub Sedivy have set up a filming session with professional film maker Petr Kaspar who came with his wife and our paddling buddy Pavel Faustus from the Czech Republic. …mehr »

Tags: creeking · devils slide · egua · filming · habitat 80 · italy · jakub nemec · sorba

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Corse 2011

26.04.2011 - 21:58 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 19.77 KB After warm up kayaking in Czech me and Meg got a ride to Italy where we met up with another Czech kayaker Jakub Sedivy to go down to Corsica. Almost two weeks we have been kayaking the goods of this island. …mehr »

Tags: corse · corsica · fium orbo · habitat 80 · jakub nemec · taravo · whitewater

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Jakub Nemec Video Special

04.10.2010 - 21:10 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 22.91 KB After travelling to the West coast of the US by beginning of March to experience the best freeride skiing in the world in Utah, me and my wife Meg Smith hit the road and travelled in California for over a month. Its been great time except there was too much snow this year and we couldnt get …mehr »

Tags: black canyon · crystal · gorge · gunnison · jakub nemec · middle feather · special · video

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Black Canyon of the Gunnison

22.08.2010 - 15:16 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 18.37 KB Last weekend I had a great time on Black canyon of the Gunnison with some of my best friends Yonton Mehler and Bryan Owen aka Astral buoancy, Brent Toepper aka badass guy who reps for Sweet in Colorado, Milo from Crested Butte and Daniel Windham from Boulder. …mehr »

Tags: black canyon · colorado · creeking · gunnison · jakub nemec · whitewater

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Jakub's Colorado update

19.07.2010 - 22:48 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 21.70 KB Last week has been pretty busy for me. I have been working as a safety kayaker on the Arkansas river, kayaked every day after work, worked for a catering company making lunches at nights and also edited a movie from June spent in Colorado. …mehr »

Tags: colorado · jakub nemec · lake creek · video clip

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Jakub on Yule Creek

22.06.2010 - 22:49 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 26.78 KB By the beginning of last week I got a day off to go kayaking. Called Demshitz crew and the word was a Yule Creek. One of my favourite runs in Colorado so far. …mehr »

Tags: colorado · creeking · demshitz · jakub nemec · yule creek

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Jakub reports in from Gilman Gorge

16.06.2010 - 01:03 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 25.49 KB One week before the Teva games in Vail I got a phone call from the boss of Timberline tours in Colorado that they are looking for a safety kayaker for this summer. The chance of getting paid, being able to kayak every day doesnt come every day so I said “Yes, of course!” …mehr »

Tags: colorado · gilman gorge · head cam · jakub nemec · kayaking

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Teva Mountain Games 2010

08.06.2010 - 00:40 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 27.82 KB Teva mountain games kicked off on Thursday with Steep creek championships on the Homestake creek. 55 best kayakers from all over the world come every year to show their skills on manky class V whitewater. In the first run I was 9th, so I tried really hard in second run.  …mehr »

Tags: colorado · jakub nemec · mountain games · teva · vail

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Video of my day

29.05.2010 - 11:14 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 22.60 KB A video of the daily life of Czech Wave Sport ambassador Jakub Nemec. The first two minutes show the life of Jakub, earning some money with doing dishes to afford the next trip. …mehr »

Tags: california · dish washing · jakub nemec · south yuba · video

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Jakub warming up in California

11.05.2010 - 01:18 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 28.15 KB After not even a year I am back in California, my favourite place to kayak. Last week has been pretty good. After some rain the sun started shining again and we could go running the fenomenal South Branch of the Middle Feather. …mehr »

Tags: california · creeking · darin mcquoid · jakub nemec · middle feather

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Honest DVD is out

19.02.2010 - 16:35 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 17.89 KB After a busy week. Me, my girlfriend Meg Smith and Petr Kaspar finally put all the parts of the movie together and now its in burning and printing process. It's available in Prague kayak shops, but you can also order it HERE!  …mehr »

Tags: dvd · honest · jakub nemec · kayak world trip · movie · trailer

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Jakub makes cover of Hydro Mag

24.11.2009 - 17:47 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 5.27 KB Check out this year's 6th issue of the Czech whitewater magazine Hydro: Jakub made the cover shot running Tapestry falls in the USA. They also publish an article featuring his North America trip this season. The text is in Czech, but there is plenty of amazing footage. …mehr »

Tags: cover · hydro · hydro magazine · jakub nemec · pro kayaker · tapestry falls

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«Honest» Video Trailer

13.11.2009 - 13:50 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 3.31 KB Jakub Nemec, Czech Wave Sport team member, started to do a trip around the world with his kayak exactly one year ago. On his way, the most beautiful rivers in the world in countries like Nepal, New Zealand, the USA, Norway and all across the Alps.  …mehr »

Tags: czech · honest · jakub nemec · nepal · new zealand · norway · trailer · usa · whitewater · world tour

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Jakub's Green River impressions

04.11.2009 - 23:46 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 31.08 KB Ahoj, some pictures of the Green River (North Carolina), to check out. Also two more of Overflow River we ran yesterday. Have a good day, Jakub …mehr »

Tags: gorilla · green river · jakub nemec · megan smith · overflow

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Toxaway River

02.11.2009 - 22:50 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 26.23 KB Yo, After Russel Fork festival we moved to Asheville to hit some spicy rapids. Classic run on the Green river was sick. Super cruisy river. Today steep freeride and sliding the shit out of it @ Toxaway river. …mehr »

Tags: jakub nemec · laura farrel · toxaway river

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