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Eporia Active Days

19.06.2013 - 14:39 von Michele Ramazza

JPG 12.66 KB Congratulations to Michele Ramazza to end up 3rd at the sprint on the beautiful Ayasse during the Eporedia Active Days in his Recon 83! …mehr »

Tags: Ayasse kayak · boater cross · Eporia Active Days · Extreme Race · kayak italy · King of the falls · michele ramazza · Recon 83 · teva extreme outdoor games · Wave Sport

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Outdoor Mix Festival 2013

25.05.2013 - 13:55 von Michele Ramazza

JPG 26.33 KB The new event in Europe was interesting and it offered good races and very nice alpin style kayaking. All the rivers were quite high and the valley was very nice under the spring sun. …mehr »

Tags: durance · Extreme Race · michele ramazza · outdoor mix · Recon · Wave Sport · whitewater

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Von der Ötz zum Devils Extreme Race

31.08.2011 - 00:22 von Markus Hummel

JPG 32.40 KB Neben dem Training im Eiskanal war ich knapp eine Woche im Ötztal unterwegs. An ein Training auf der Wellerbrücke war da noch nicht zu denken. Temperaturen von bis zu 35° C im Schatten ließen die Ötz auf einen Pegel von bis zu 3 m ansteigen und bescherten uns Wuchtwasser …mehr »

Tags: czech republic · devils extreme race · Extreme Race · jakub nemec · lipno · markus hummel · moldau · Ötz · Ötztal · Rennen

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Devils Extreme Race 2011 about to start

25.08.2011 - 22:41 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 26.11 KB Devils Extreme Race 2011 about to start: Tomorrow the annual Devils Extreme Race finally starts again! Good times kayaking with your friends, European Championships of Extreme Racing, Czech beer, bands, DJs in the beautiful little town of Loucovice - what else could you ask for?  …mehr »

Tags: czech republic · devils extreme race · european championships · Extreme Race · jakub nemec · lipno · race

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Michele wins Extreme Sport Week downhill

18.07.2011 - 22:31 von Michele Ramazza

JPG 19.99 KB The Brandsethelva is a narrow river with crystal clear, blue water. The 500 meter long section where the competition took place holds many good spots for spectators to see fascinating and technical moves in the water. …mehr »

Tags: brandsethelva · downhill · extrem sport week · Extreme Race · habitat · michele ramazza · money drop · voss

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European Championships in extreme kayaking

18.07.2011 - 09:31 von Jakub Nemec

JPG 17.95 KB Devils Race: European Championships in extreme kayaking: For the fifth time of the Devils Extreme Race, the European Open Champs in extreme kayaking are coming up on the last weekend of August. The popular Devils Streams section under Lipno dam in South of Czech …mehr »

Tags: czech republic · devils race · euorpean championships · Extreme Race · habitat · lipno · race · whitewater

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Lord of the Fork Race

08.11.2010 - 07:14 von Seppi Strohmeier

JPG 8.72 KB Der Russel Fork River in Kentucky markiert unser erstes Mal paddeln auf richtigem Wildwasser. Am Samstag den 23. Oktober findet hier das “Lord of the Fork” Wildwasser Rennen statt. Mit unseren Creekbooten ausgestattet machen Anne und ich uns am Freitag auf die etwa 6 stuendige Fahrt …mehr »

Tags: Extreme Race · lord of the fork · russel fork · Seppi Strohmeier

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Sickline Worlds 2009 - Finals

03.10.2009 - 21:13 von Deborah Pinniger

JPG 29.44 KB Today saw the semifinal and finals of the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayaking World Championships. With the Wellerbrucke at optimum level participants congregated at the race site for an early 8.30am start.  …mehr »

Tags: championships · Extreme Race · finals · Ötz · Sickline

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Sickline Worlds 2009 - Qualifications

02.10.2009 - 22:59 von Deborah Pinniger

JPG 32.62 KB Today was the start of the qualification heats here in Oetz at the adidas Sickline World Championships. A field of 120 competitors from twenty different nations, created the foundation for a strong field and some tight times during the qualifications. …mehr »

Tags: Deb Pinniger · Extreme Race · Ötz · qualifications · Sickline · whitewater

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Adidas Sickline World Champs 2009

24.09.2009 - 20:29 von Wave Sport

JPG 29.38 KB 1.-4. Oktober: For the third time in a row, the best slalom kayakers on the globe will meet the world’s best whitewater kayakers for a special kind of challenge: Between the 1st and 4th of October 2009, they want to determine the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Champion …mehr »

Tags: Extreme Race · Ötz · Ötztal · Rennen · Sickline · Wildwasser

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