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Wavesport update from Russia

24.04.2013 - 18:14 von Stas Vasilev

JPG 8.87 KB Our brand new Wavesport support team member Stas reports about the first freestyle kayaking competition in Russia, the opening of the season in Russia. …mehr »

Tags: big wave · Freestyle · Freestyle kayaking · king of the wave · mcnasty · project x · Russia · stas · Stass · Wave Sport · World Championships 2013

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Ottawa River Festival

12.09.2011 - 21:14 von Tyler Curtis

JPG 30.65 KB The first weekend of Sept. played host to the Ottawa River Festival. With hundreds of kayakers gathered on the Ottawa for the warm water and perfect water levels it was the perfect weekend to host a Freestyle Competition. …mehr »

Tags: big wave · Canada · competition · Freestyle · garburator · ottawa · project x · river festival · tyler curtis

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Nouria catching Hawaii sur Rhone

15.08.2011 - 13:06 von Nouria Newman

JPG 19.02 KB What a weird summer! After the winter and spring drought, the two first weeks of July were terrible. We had a lot’s of rain and it was even snowing in the Alps. Most people were feeling a bit depressed and were complaining about the weather but kayakers couldn’t be happier …mehr »

Tags: big wave · Freestyle · hawaii sur rhone · lyon · nouria newman · project x 48

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Waiting at the BUS stop

26.04.2011 - 22:41 von Tyler Curtis

JPG 25.25 KB It has been a good 2 years since the world famous Bus Eater Wave has come into its prime. I spent the past week stalking the river by walking to the shoreline in front of my house every hour to see what the level was doing…and finally….IT’S IN. …mehr »

Tags: big wave · bus eater · Freestyle · ottawa · project x · tyler curtis

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Garb Session by Tyler

06.04.2011 - 22:54 von Tyler Curtis

JPG 29.57 KB When the mighty Ottawa river in Ontario, Canada has low water levels, Garb comes in. With steep shoulders left and right, this powerful wave makes every big trick possible for those who know how to throw down. …mehr »

Tags: big wave · Freestyle · garburator · ottawa · tc · tyler curtis

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Munich Madness - big water downtown

03.08.2010 - 22:32 von Simon Strohmeier

JPG 16.04 KB Southern Germany has been blessed with massive rainfall and loads of bad weather this year. Even world cup finals had to be cancelled due to floods on the river Isar. But on this very river, an amazing wave emerges downtown Munich …mehr »

Tags: alex jakette · big water · big wave · Freestyle · munich · reichenbach bridge · reichenbach wave · rettet die reichenbach welle · Seppi Strohmeier · simon strohmeier

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