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VIDEO: Wet West Paddle Fest 2013 Alan Ward

07.11.2013 - 08:08 von Alan Ward

JPG 10.85 KB The annual trip up to Scotland with the Thames Valley boys for some river running fun times. …mehr »

Tags: alan ward · bloopers · Recon · river running · safety · scotland · waterfall · wavesport

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Alan Ward Mobius Promo Video

06.11.2013 - 19:17 von Alan Ward

JPG 2.32 KB Alan Ward placed 5th at the World Championships 2013 in Nanthala, paddling his brand new Wavesport Mobius. Check out his freestyle kayaking skills and of course the abilities of the brand new Mobius. …mehr »

Tags: alan ward · Freestyle kayaking · hurley · lunar orbit · mc nasty · mobius · nottingham · phoenix monkey · tricky wuu · wavesport · world championships

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Inside an Air Screw

22.03.2011 - 23:31 von Alan Ward

JPG 16.99 KB Alan Wards GoPro on-boat footage inside the barrel roll. Just a short clip to show what happens inside an air screw, thought this might help if any of you are learning... …mehr »

Tags: air screw · alan ward · Freestyle · gopro · video

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A Marsh Winter

26.02.2010 - 03:30 von Alan Ward

JPG 19.37 KB Here's a short video of some highlights of one of many sessions at Marsh Weir this winter. Whilst my video camera is broken I have been borrowing other people's so special thanks to Craig Ayres for the footage. Enjoy! …mehr »

Tags: alan ward · marsh weir · project 54cx · winter paddling

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A big green three

17.02.2010 - 01:41 von Alan Ward

JPG 23.75 KB Alan Ward reports in from an epic winter session on Hurley (London) on three perfect gates. At such a level, the middle gate creates just a brilliant green wave with a little foam pile to catch you and steep shoulders on both sides …mehr »

Tags: alan ward · hurley · project 54cx · three gates

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