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FAQ – Fragen und Antworten

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Serial Number on my Kayak?

On Wave Sport kayaks, the serial number is located near the stern (rear) of the boat, generally engraved in an indention on the right side of the sidewall.
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There is a small dent or depression in my hull. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

A. This “dip” in the hull is common and natural in many of our whitewater and touring kayaks. It also occurs with age, as boat hulls tend to wear in the seat area. This area under the seat is no less strong than the rest of the boat, but it is less rigid due to the large, flat area. Therefore it can buckle due to temperature fluctuations, pressure from tie down straps, storage conditions, etc. This should not be considered a problem unless you notice an extremely soft or spongy feeling when pressing on this area. The same is also true of dents in the side or chine of the kayak.

These are often noticed after the boat is removed from vertical transport on a roof rack. The solution is to set the boat in the direct sun for a couple of hours (preferably in a grassy yard, not on pavement) with the dented area exposed. When the hull heats up it usually reforms itself. You may have to get creative with some weights or braces inside the boat to push the dents back out.

This process should be allowed to proceed for at least two hours. In the absence of sun or in the cooler months one foolproof way to not damage your boat and remove a dent is to use water that has been brought to the point of boiling. This will heat the plastic to a soft state without burning or melting it and allow you to push the dent out.
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What is the best way to clean and protect my kayak?

Clean your polyethylene kayak with mild soap and water. Use 303 Protectant or a similar plastic protectant to guard against UV rays and to help your boat shine. You can purchase this product from your dealer, or on the Harmony gear website.
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Can I buy a Wave Sport boat directly from the factory?

No, we do not sell boats factory direct. We rely on the best dealers in the business to make our products available to the public.

They can help you decide which boat is best for you and explain color choices, sizes, options, etc. You can look up your nearest dealer on our website by clicking on the Dealer Locator.
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What is a good setup to get started in my kayak?

Wave Sport has spent a considerable amount of its research and development time towards making your kayak as comfortable as possible. Still, there are a number of options available to you which can further enhance comfort and performance according to your specific needs. All Wave Sport boats will come well equipped and ready to paddle, but in most circumstances, paddlers will choose to increase their boats’ performance through custom outfitting. The following are a few suggestions to increase the fit and performance of your Wave Sport boat.

* ADHESIVES – In many circumstances, you won’t have to glue anything to your boat. However, there are situations where a person prefers extra outfitting to achieve a proper fit or additional comfort. Most contact adhesives are compatible with polyethylene plastic, but make sure, and check to see whether it is waterproof.

* FLOTATION – For any whitewater use, you should have flotation for your kayak or C-1. Flotation bags come in different sizes and styles depending on your needs and are made to match your boat’s volume. Ask your local Wave Sport dealer which set of flotation bags is right for your boat.

* PADDLE – Whitewater kayak paddles range from 194 cm to about 208 cm in length. If you are just about 5 feet tall or a bit over, use a paddle in the lower range; naturally, taller people will want a longer paddle. Given variations in torso length, arm length, and boat width, it’s a good idea to test different paddle lengths to determine your own personal preference. We have a large selection of premium paddles for sale at

* SPRAYSKIRT – Always paddle with a sprayskirt. The skirt will shed water and greatly facilitates rolling in case of a capsize. Whitewater sprayskirts have different sizes for the paddler’s waist and for cockpit sizes. There are also different rands, or skirt edges. See your Dagger dealer for sprayskirt options. You can find a large selection for sale on

* K-1 & C-1 CUSTOM FIT KITS – Although most Wave Sport boats fit better from the start, you may need to outfit your kayak or C-1 with extra padding to get more of a feel for catching those eddies or rolling. Most Fit Kits include hip bolsters and seat pads. Most of these items are also available individually through your local paddling shop.
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Can you mail me a Wave Sport catalog?

Our catalogs are currently only available through visiting our authorized dealer, or you can download the digital PDF version by clicking here.
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How do I adjust my kayak outfitting?

Check out the how to page to watch a brief video overview for outfitting adjustment techniques, and also read out Outfitting Instructions PDF by clicking here.
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Which sprayskirts will fit my kayak?

Harmony offers a wide variety of sprayskirts to fit many of our Wave Sport whitewater models. View the sprayskirt fit chart to see what is available for your model.
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How can I purchase one of the Project 54cx Limited Editions?

The Project 54cx Limited Edition can be ordered directly through your local dealer. Since there is only a limited run of 50, generally these models are not available on the floor and must be done through your dealer. Visit the dealer locator page to find yours. If there is none available, contact us directly through the contact form.
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How do I repair minor damage to my Project 54cx concept boat?

While you should visit your local dealer in regards to repairs, for those with a level of experience in kayak repair, click the link for some tips and guidelines to repair minor damage carbon/kevlar Project 54cx.
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