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Freestyle Kajak Weltmeisterschaft 2009 in Thun

31. August – 6. September 2009

At the end of August 2009, about 400 of the world’s best freestyle kayakers will gather in Thun to compete against one another in the Freestyle World Championships 2009. They come from all over the world to Switzerland, willing to risk it all for this competition.

The city of Thun, with it’s very impressive Scherzligschleuse, offers a unique platform for the Freestyle World Championships. The wave of Thun is only rideable after the flood gates have been properly adjusted. The adjustment of the gates to form a surfable wave is performed only once a year: last time for the VW Multivan River Jam 2008. Which means that all the athletes compete under the same conditions, without any advantages for anybody.

For more event coverage and details, check out the website.

Support Team Wave Sport as they compete in one of the most prestigious events in the world.

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