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European Championships in extreme kayaking

For the fifth time of the Devils Extreme Race, the European Open Champs in extreme kayaking are coming up on the last weekend of August. The popular Devils Streams section under Lipno dam in South of Czech Republic is the place to be.

The race starts in Loucovice village from a big ramp. There is a few different disciplines from extreme slalom to popular kayak cross. Most of the disciplines take place on Loucovicka kaskada rapid. Finals of time trial and team race will take place on the hardest section of the river. The Overall Winner will take home a big price money and the title of European Champion. Spectators will be able to see last year’s World Champion Sam Sutton, Mike Dawson, Honza Lasko and slalom kayakers like Vavřinec Hradilek and many others. Of course there is a life band and party on Saturday night.

The race is a popular one for sure. Every year just around 100 kayakers sign up for it. Most of them are from Czech but around a quarter of people is from all over Europe. Kayakers will race in extreme slalom and sprint, thats also qualification for kayak cross, team race and kayak cross.


Friday 26th August:

  • Free riding, practice
  • Registration and giving out bags with start bibs

Saturday 27th August:

  • Slalom and sprint, qualification runs
  • Life band and party

Sunday 28th August:

  • Kayak cross
  • Team race
  • Price giving

The river section called Devils Streams is between villages called Loucovice and Vyssi Brod. Its one of the most popular, toughest and most fun natural features to kayak in Czech Republic. Section is usually unrunable because of too low waterlevel (2m3/s). Once a year by the end of summer Lipno dam releases about 25 m3/s which makes the section runnable. Thats why its such a big event and people from all over keep coming back.

At higher flows Vltava River is runnable all the way to Vyssi Brod. (or further down stream, Vltava goes all the way to Prague). World rafting Championships also took place there in 2003. Last weekend of August Czech Championships of slalom is held.

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