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All Val Sesia Rivers in one Day


The S.T.R. is the first attempt to run  all the classic
rivers of Val Sesia one after the other in only one day.


The S.T.R. will be attempted by the athletes of TEVA TEAM ITALIA

Francesco Salvato

Enrico Lazzarotto

Michele Ramazza


20th May 2010


The S.T.R. will be followed by a group which will help with the logistic
organization and will take photos and videos.

It will be possible to follow the facts in real time thanks to a special
page on which will be created just
for the event.

sesia total run


The S.T.R. represents a challenge never attempted before by any kayaker
of the world and suggests a new way to think about this activity, where
the run rapidity becomes necessarily synonym of great quality. A
performance which will allow to have a very intense contact with the
river setting.


3 kayakers

1 day

11 different rivers from class III to class VI

24 different sections

97 km

2014 height difference

70 hours to run for an average kayaker

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