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Agua Azul, Mexico – Beyond the drop

The goal of this journey was to display the total image of kayaking. White water kayaking is not just about that one drop, it is a lifestyle that we are aiming for. We’re not practicing our sport on the same soccer field every week. We are traveling from river to river and share our journeys with friends and people that we meet along the way. There is only one way to progress in our sport and that’s to be with the right people, at the right place on the right moment.

Mexico created this environment for me. Rafa Ortiz, Rush Sturges, Evan Garcia and Aniol Serrasolses are undoubtly some of the best waterfall huckers in the world and Martina Wegman one of the best female paddlers. At the same time they are great friends and good people. Myself coming from a country in winter, being received by this team in a beautiful sunny Mexico, and sharing our time together on one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, that’s what kayaking is to me.

‘Beyond the drop’ is the final result, I’m proud to present you this short movie and share my lifestyle with you. Enjoy!

Watch the video HERE


Photo header of this page: Lane Jacobs

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